Forté Wins Best of Show at I Love Homewood Day

Michel Lê

May was a great month for Forté as our very own Michel Le won “Best of Show” for his Spiderman chalk art creation at this year’s We Love Homewood Day. Thanks to Michel’s previous work with Marvel Comics, he was able to perfect a 3D replica of Spiderman that became an instant crowd pleaser. As this was the first time Michel had worked with chalk since grammar school, he fed off his creative instinct and guidance from fellow chalk artists. Michel began the contest with only a vision, which ended 50 pieces of chalk and 10 blistered fingers later with a stunning piece of art raising the bar of competition to a whole new level. Michel hopes that the chalk art contest of Homewood will attract many more talented visionaries that can continue to build the contest and inspire the community. We are proud of Michel’s talents and very fortunate to be able to be associated with his unique creativity!