The U.S. Army invests over $500,000 to train a soldier. Because of this investment, major priorities of the Army are to ensure combat readiness and to protect the lives of their soldiers. This video montage captures some of the work Forte’ did when we reported for duty in 2010.

As with all individuals, off-duty soldiers enjoy cooling off on a hot summer day while swimming. In order to refresh their minds about why it’s important not to swim alone, we intentionally set this dark scenario of what can happen if you don’t swim wisely.

Drive Carefully – A simple message with dire consequences when not actively practiced. That reality is exactly what we hoped to portray through this spot. The majority of soldiers’ off-duty accidents each year are automobile and motorcycle related, and in 2010 our mission was to decrease this percentage. We’re proud to say we helped do just that.

The Jimmie Hale Mission, a 60-year old rescue mission for the homeless, established an annual fundraising event in 2006. In order for the event to be considered a success, there were two major communication challenges to overcome. First of all, the client had to show they could cleverly hook the audience and hold its attention at an early morning event. Choosing the familiar theme of “Mission: Impossible”—with a twist—proved effective. The event titled “Consider the Possibilities” had a Mission: POSSIBLE theme. The materials echoed the icons, music and style of the “Mission: Impossible” TV show and movies. The 3-minute video introduced the event, the client’s staff and set the tone. Each attendee had a “case file” at their table setting which featured an actual participant in the client’s program. The event raised over $525,000 in cash and pledges in a single day.

Following up to the successful “Mission: Possible” theme, The Jimmie Hale Mission wanted to dispel some myths about the homeless in the next year’s fundraising event. Forte’ developed a news magazine theme to add credibility to its message. Selecting a well-known former news anchor from local television, Forte’ used this piece to kick off the early morning event before a crowd of 750 people. Citing its authentic look and feel, the audience was shocked to learn it hadn’t actually aired on television. The audience wanted to know when this piece aired on television. The event raised over $500,000 in cash and pledges in a single day.

An award-winning TV spot from The Jimmie Hale Mission’s “Cardboard” branding campaign from 2009-2010.

Organizations need sensitive documents destroyed. People with 
disabilities want to feel productive. United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham found a way to serve both with Gone For Good, a document destruction company. Forte was asked to help create awareness for this new division of UCP.
Our primary focus was to assure businesses could trust Gone For Good with their sensitive documents. To accomplish this, we stressed the organization’s security measures with a step-by-step visual portrayal of the shredding process.
At the same time, we wanted to communicate the human dimension of Gone For Good’s mission. The spot’s voiceover, a communication device used by those in the later stages of the disease, intrigues the viewer initially until the identity of the spokesperson is revealed. The result? Heightened awareness in the business community lead to increased sales opportunities.

Neverthirst works with Non-Governmental Organizations in India and Central Africa to bring clean water projects to poverty stricken villages. This video was the first showcase of the dire need in Northern India.

Summer Classics is a manufacturer of high end outdoor furniture and accessories. This video tells the Summer Classics lifestyle story for the end customer and was used as a branded sales tool in their 300+ dealers’ showrooms.