Every web site seems to have an About page, doesn’t it? The designated place where the company can talk about itself.

Yet given how the most effective messages are about the customer, not about the seller, this About page is about you instead.

No two clients are alike. No two situations are alike. So instead of an off-the-shelf strategy, you want long-term strategic value. That’s why we focus on your entire marketing picture. From how your brand is portrayed to how best to get the message out in a rapidly-evolving world of media options.

It’s not all about the ad. So we pay attention to how the phones get answered and how quickly your sales team gets leads. We look at the competition and see how we offer a better solution for your customers. That means generating idea after idea, solution after solution.

The result? A fuller, richer engagement with your customers, one that creates greater value.

Isn’t that what all marketing firms should do? Because that’s what Forté is all about.

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