Why We Exist

The Forte’ Marketing Group exists to enhance and improve business results for its clients—which most importantly impacts their people. We use strategic insight, creative services, media expertise and the web to solve problems or maximize opportunities.

We are a service organization. Never forget it. Our clients should feel this focused attention—because they rightfully deserve it. We work on every project—regardless of size—as if the account’s future relationship with us hinges on that particular assignment… because it does.

We endeavor to treat each person at the agency as a respected member of the team. We’re always in search of the best idea regardless of its source. People here take ownership and responsibility—they don’t punch a clock. The results matter. This philosophy allows us to be efficient and allows our people to grow.

We endeavor to be a magnet for the smartest, most passionate creative and marketing professionals in the world. While strategically based in Birmingham, for its attractive lifestyle, we serve local, regional and national brands. We strive to constantly innovate, knowing that change is the only constant. We model integrity and maintain a sense of social/spiritual responsibility as a company.

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