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Increase Your Volume….To 11!!

Get Forté. Increase your volume… 11!! Our brand line is so perfectly fitting for today, wouldn’t you agree?

Richard Tubb Interiors – New Website Launch! invites you into the personal spaces the design team has created for their clients.  The work samples are  beautifully designed  and they’ve also proven to be useful tools for the team in their showroom.  “Richard Tubb Interiors feels privileged to help plan where you’ll live, laugh, and enjoy the most comfort.  The result?  A treasured place reflecting who you […]


Our hearts and prayers go out to all of our suffering neighbors as they begin attempting to recover from this week’s tragedy. The damage is unbelievable and the loss is too large to quantify, but We Are Alabama and we’ll be strong even when it seems impossible. That’s just who we are, and there is […]

Top 10 Forté Moments of 2010

We at The Forté Marketing Group have experienced a truly fantastic year of business, travel, growth, and fun!  It would be virtually impossible to recall all of the notable moments, but we have taken the time to make a top 10 list of our favorites from 2010.  We work hard and we have a blast […]

Top 20 Apps

As smartphone applications become more widespread and quickly becoming the primary source for finding information, there are new apps released by the minute. It is easy for a really cool or useful app to go unnoticed because a user in the app store has well over a million to browse.

Shameless Self-Promotion

As I was talking with my co-workers this morning the topic came up, “Remember when TV used to have more ads than air time of the actual show you were watching?”.

The Ghost In The Machine, Or Do Our Computers Have Souls?

Anybody else give their electronic device a personality? You’re not alone. The Wall Street Journal on Saturday, August 28, has a thought-provoking article, “Sweet Talking Your Computer,” about how we give them personalities—and become attached to them over time.

QR Codes – An Excellent Tool For Creating Brand Exposure!

QR codes are scanable bar codes typically generated to provide instant information on a mobile device. The best part, they can point you towards just about anything.

The White Board – Update

Our White Boards are officially up, thanks to our Art Director aka in-house painter, Gray Richardson. Gray worked overtime this past weekend getting the boards painted. The paint takes a week to dry, so we are all anxious for Monday to test them out for the first time.  Here is a preview of the boards up and […]

The Power Is In Your Brand

At Forte we realize that power is in your brand. This article along with that thought sparked a question for our White Boards (which are almost finished, by the way!) – Is it the design, the functionality, or a combination of both that makes Apple the dominate brand in technology today?