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Braver Branding

“When you rebrand, you have to go against the inertia of your old brand. Be new.” -Jamie Warren  

Rebranding Reasons: Differentiating from a Competitor

No matter the industry you’re in, it’s likely there will come a time when you need to rebrand. Rethinking your brand can alleviate many issues and can differentiate you from a competitor, giving you more business and better profits. Today’s market can often be saturated with similar businesses. It’s imperative that you differentiate yourself from […]

Branding vs. Rebranding

People throw the word “branding” around a lot. It’s one of the most misused terms in our industry as it’s often used to describe only visual identity. But what does that really mean?  Is branding more than the corporate logo or tagline?  Or, are they actually talking about “rebranding”? Branding is a promise that a […]

Forte Library: The E-myth Revisited

By Jamie Warren, Forte President I truly believe that to run a successful branding agency, you have to invest way more than 40 hours a week. And part of that means reading books that not only help the business, but help our clients’ businesses. So from time to time, I’ll review some of my favorite […]

Branding and the art of handstands

When was the last time you tried to do a handstand? Was it when you were a child? I’m not usually a “handstand out of the blue” kind of guy. My family jokes that there is “Business Jamie”, and “Fun Jamie”. I’ve been told I can be a little intense in business.

Forté President, Jamie Warren, Makes His First Solo Flight.

Forté President, Jamie Warren, Makes His First Solo Flight along with a wing-mounted GoPro Hero along for the ride.

How You Know When You Have A Great Idea On Your Hands.

A simple rule to follow when attempting to spot a good idea is this: Look for a light bulb hoovering above your head.