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Best Brand Example: Apple

Some companies just rise above others when it comes to branding. They’ve worked hard to create a recognized brand and loyal supporters. And no company, in our opinion, has done a better job crafting their brand than Apple. How many of you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, iTV? Are you considering putting all your […]

Top 20 Apps

As smartphone applications become more widespread and quickly becoming the primary source for finding information, there are new apps released by the minute. It is easy for a really cool or useful app to go unnoticed because a user in the app store has well over a million to browse.

The Ghost In The Machine, Or Do Our Computers Have Souls?

Anybody else give their electronic device a personality? You’re not alone. The Wall Street Journal on Saturday, August 28, has a thought-provoking article, “Sweet Talking Your Computer,” about how we give them personalities—and become attached to them over time.

The Power Is In Your Brand

At Forte we realize that power is in your brand. This article along with that thought sparked a question for our White Boards (which are almost finished, by the way!) – Is it the design, the functionality, or a combination of both that makes Apple the dominate brand in technology today?